Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Unexpected End of a Weblog

Well, crap.  I guess this may finally spell the end of my happenin' blog here on Google Blogger.

Oh, not due to lack of interest.  In fact, I have enjoyed maintaining this blog in an "infrequent" status and having it serve as something of an archive of my own creative projects for the furious or curious.

No, the problem is that I recently moved to IMAP-based mail, after getting a smartphone that supported it (an iPhone), and since Windows Live Hotmail supports only POP and not IMAP, I have migrated to a GMail address.  I have been going through the usual process of updating all my web accounts with my GMail address, and discovered that Google will not permit a GMail address to be associated with this account.

How strange is that?

This blog predates Google's changeover from Blogger Beta to just Blogger, and as a result it has been semi-crippleware for some time -- a number of functional upgrades that work just fine on my other blog (that I maintain for my non-fiction pen name, which DOES use a GMail address exclusively) are not available on this one.  It looks like Google is just not letting anyone cross that threshold, or perhaps just not anyone who has already associated their Google account with a Windows Live Hotmail email address; I have no idea.  They just want the Beta blogs gone, or something.

Whatever Google's reasoning, the whole blog situation just crossed the line from "no worries" to being "more bother than it's worth."  My connected YouTube account with my band videos is easily enough rebuilt with a fresh account linked to both my GMail AND Google Plus.  I don't want to leave legacy web logins out there that are associated with my old email address -- that's just begging for security issues down the road.  Even worse, in order to log in to this blog at all, I have to log out of everything Google, which is a bother.

Thus, it appears it's time to wrap this up once and for all.  I will leave these pages static until I have had time to archive the blog's complete contents (or as much of those contents as I care about), and then I'll be deleting it at long last.  The final cog in the engine will probably be when Google Plus gets out of beta, because there's a fair chance I can just export the blog contents to that, and I'm willing to hold off just long enough to find out.

At some point, I may migrate over to WordPress.  We'll see just how necessary or relevant that becomes.  If I don't have a project underway that benefits from it, I won't have anything prodding me to get on with it... and as busy as I have been lately, anything unprodded is very likely to be left unaddressed.  Priorities are priorities.

For the few who will read this before it goes away:
  • Late this November, my third child and first son is due!  The name is as-yet undecided, but I'm super-excited about it.  I love my daughters dearly, but there are some experiences that are meant for a father and son to share, and now I get to have those.
  • Congratulations to various of my friends: Jay and Katie on their wedding, Pat and Suzanne on the arrival of their second son, Ben and Kristin on their upcoming wedding, Jer and Melodi on their upcoming wedding, and new jobs for Jay, Brent, Mike G., and hopefully soon Aaron.
  • Here's hoping for the Cardinals to put together a good season in 2011 and reclaim the NFC West throne!
Thanks, all!

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