Monday, March 8, 2010

A Shift In Focus

Last week, I posted regarding the apparent functional failure of this blog.  As there have been no comments or feedback at all, I must assume that my Xanatos Gambit has succeeded.  My gambit was born from the realization that a lack of participation would prove either postulate from my previous post: that I am failing to use this blog in a productive manner and thus a change is warranted, or that I am failing to make this blog interesting in the slightest and thus a change is warranted.  Either way, a change is warranted.  (A flurry of comments indicating that things were Fine The Way They Were was the outcome that would have defeated my Xanatos Gambit.)

For reasons too varied to concisely address here, I think the fundamental problem is that my political and philosophical posts have no audience here.  There are others writing the same kinds of material more regularly and in greater depth -- why not just read their blogs?  I can't think of a reason why not.

Meanwhile, I have my own creative projects, from writing to video to music to literary analysis.  These endeavors are truly mine, and I can think of no more appropriate outlet for such creative content than my very own House of Exuberance.

This blog will also serve as the repository of my various milestone markers and memorials, and anything I would ordinarily locate on Facebook but that deserves to be featured in a medium with more longevity.  My daily personal minutiae will be confined to Facebook, and will strut and fret its hour upon that stage, and then be heard no more.

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