Saturday, December 1, 2007

The End Complete

[Edited post: This post originally dealt with the aftermath of my being denied a law license by the Arizona State Bar; specifically, my petition for review being denied by the Arizona Supreme Court. My perspective on these events has changed somewhat as time has progressed since then. I have left most of this post in place to show that I am not evading the reality of what happened, but I think some of the substance of the post is no longer productive.]

The Supreme Court has denied review of my case. In fairness I must concede that this was the probable outcome regardless of the underlying issues -- the entire reason the character committee exists is so that the Court can defer to their decisions and get on with hearing murder appeals and the like. I wish the Court had decided differently, but other than that, I have no ongoing dispute with them.

Will I ever re-apply to the bar in Arizona? It's hard to say.
Will I ever apply to the bar of another state? I could, but I would much rather stay. I have been an Arizonan for 33 years. This is my home, whatever its flaws. I choose to be optimistic and hope that nothing I have done is so terrible that the situation cannot be mended. I cannot rely on hope alone, of course, however optimistic I may be, so I will keep my eyes and ears open for other options. There are other state bars that might not have any problem with admitting me. I would rather not move, but the most important thing in my life is financial security for my family, not aesthetic preferences. In time, I will build toward a solution of one sort or another.

Whatever your particular pursuit in life, I hope you never encounter a situation like the one I have just experienced.

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