Sunday, December 30, 2007

From 2007 to 2008

The year 2007 lifted me to incredible heights. Unfortunately, the ride was disrupted by desolate lows. I am ever an optimist, and I shall cherish the good -- and overcome that which went for ill.

The year began in the wake of my graduating from law school. Whatever else may become of my law career, I surmised, at least they could never take that credential away. Juris Doctor. I am, I have, and I did. It was unfortunate that my "backup plan" became pertinent.

January wasn't even over before the greatest event of the year, and most probably of my life: I married Stephanie Jarczyk, now Stephanie Bahr, on January 27, 2007. The wedding was outstanding and we were very happy to see so many of our friends and loved ones there.

In February, I took the Arizona bar exam -- and passed on my first try. Only barely, but a pass is a pass.

In April, I began my current job with the state government. On balance, things have gone well with it. Bottom line: I am improving my craft. Many jobs aren't as rewarding.

Unfortunately, in July, the state bar denied me admission. That story has been told already, and I have no desire to spoil my year-end celebration by repeating it now. Suffice it to say that, in time, I will find a way to resolve that situation.

In August, Stephanie and I left the college-central apartment where I had spent the better part of four years and rented a house in the southern foothills of Phoenix. Any of you who have visited can easily attest to the improvement there.

The months since then have flown by. Work progresses, the days turned colder, and what do you know, the New England Patriots turned into my personal gambling ATM this year by going undefeated with my money riding on every game. The last time a team did that, I had not yet even been born. Not too many things in this world have failed to be done for so long a duration.

At last, with New Year's Eve upon us, Alexandra Marian Bahr is due to arrive any day now, whenever Steph should happen to go into labor. Perhaps it will happen while she and Christina are at the Insight Bowl tomorrow afternoon. Perhaps Ali will be a 2008 baby. The impending arrival of our first daughter, whether she is actually born "on time" for the end of the year or not, effectively adds up to the final event of an incredible year.

I swear by my life, and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.

I get knocked down, but I get up again. You're never going to keep me down.

Health, wealth, and happiness to you all.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The End Complete

[Edited post: This post originally dealt with the aftermath of my being denied a law license by the Arizona State Bar; specifically, my petition for review being denied by the Arizona Supreme Court. My perspective on these events has changed somewhat as time has progressed since then. I have left most of this post in place to show that I am not evading the reality of what happened, but I think some of the substance of the post is no longer productive.]

The Supreme Court has denied review of my case. In fairness I must concede that this was the probable outcome regardless of the underlying issues -- the entire reason the character committee exists is so that the Court can defer to their decisions and get on with hearing murder appeals and the like. I wish the Court had decided differently, but other than that, I have no ongoing dispute with them.

Will I ever re-apply to the bar in Arizona? It's hard to say.
Will I ever apply to the bar of another state? I could, but I would much rather stay. I have been an Arizonan for 33 years. This is my home, whatever its flaws. I choose to be optimistic and hope that nothing I have done is so terrible that the situation cannot be mended. I cannot rely on hope alone, of course, however optimistic I may be, so I will keep my eyes and ears open for other options. There are other state bars that might not have any problem with admitting me. I would rather not move, but the most important thing in my life is financial security for my family, not aesthetic preferences. In time, I will build toward a solution of one sort or another.

Whatever your particular pursuit in life, I hope you never encounter a situation like the one I have just experienced.