Monday, May 7, 2007

Arizona Bar Exam February 2007

Dear Mr. Bahr,

There were a total of 377 applicants to the February 2007 Arizona bar examination with scores ranging from a low of 226.1 to a high of 501.6. The minimum passing score is 410 out of a total 600 possible points.

Total essay points (out of 72 possible) of 41 x 1.5
Converted to scaled score x 2 of 284.6
Plus MBE score of 129.2 = Total combined score of 413.8

Congratulations! You have achieved a passing score on the examination. However, you are not presently eligible for admission to the practice of law in Arizona because your character report is being reviewed by the Committee. The Committee on Character and Fitness will advise you, in writing, as soon as you are eligible for admission to the practice of law in Arizona.

(If you are one of those who got a questionnaire from the Supreme Court about me, please, pretty please, tell them I'm not a dirtbag. I thank you.)

Cinco de Mayo, here I come.


  1. Other than that one situation with the llama and dry ice I felt compelled to tell them about, my character and fitness report on you was glowing. No worries bro!

  2. Congrats! I knew you could do it. How's the hangover?

  3. Thanks to "Chaser Plus," I am barely even feeling the fourteen margaritas I consumed on Saturday evening! :)

    And I knew I'd regret what I did to that llama. Poor beast.