Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Patterns in the Ivy

[Edited post: Saved the main text and deleted some addenda.]

Monday marked the 14th anniversary of the passing of Stephanie's father. He died from the physical consequences of terminal cancer, and was survived by his wife and three children.

As has been Steph's habit in the years since, she visited his final resting place at a cemetery in Mesa. I accompanied her, since it seemed the sort of memorial visit at which my support would be meaningful.

I never knew the man, but I know his family now. I know beyond any doubt how much they cared about him and what kind of man he was. I can hear it in the timbre of their voices when they talk about him, and I can see it in the distance in their eyes as they picture him in their memories. If I knew nothing else about him, that would be enough.

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  1. Thank you sweetie. That meant alot to me.

    I love you.