Friday, December 30, 2005

2005 Epilogue

[Edited post: Trimmed some chaff.]

This is my last post until Monday, so here's to 2005!

Since this is my narcissistic blog, I'm going to reflect on what has changed for me in these last twelve months.

Since January 2005...

I advanced from 1L to 2L in law school. Never a bad thing to accomplish. I have now completed 53 credits... pending that I pass everything currently ungraded. I did my first externship with a law firm. What's best is that I managed to do it all without going entirely broke.

I ended previous relationships and got together with Stephanie in early July. She lasted the remainder of the year and I see no reason to expect that things won't continue that way.

I came one hand away from playing in the World Series of Poker.

For some reason, I opened an eBay store in August, and it sufficed to keep me from needing any other employment in the months since then. The store has truly been a revelation, as so few job options are compatible with the grind of being a law student.

I did not make a single public musical performance in 2005! And this was after playing dozens of shows in 2004 as the SG lead vocalist and bassist. Law school just overwhelmed.

I did not finish any of the three novels I have been working on for the past several years. In fact, I scrapped one entirely because the concept had become dated, and started a new one that I won't finish in 2006. It really kills me not to be making progress on those because if I managed to get just one of them published, it could be a springboard to some very interesting possibilities. That, and I really like telling a good story for peoples' enjoyment. It ties into my musical performance, I suppose - I'm an entertainer in the purest sense, seeking the artisan-audience connection rather than the financial reward. Not that I'd mind some financial reward, of course. But if money is all I care about, I can earn that doing other things.

In November, I started a blog.

And with that, I will draw 2005 to a close. Health and prosperity to all.

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