Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Tourography: Sonogasm live at Big Fish Pub 2004-05-12

This was one of two "stealth shows" we played in May, leaving our usual friends and loved ones a breather while sharpening our craft in front of what we assumed would be indifferent or hostile audiences.  We were offered this gig about 90 minutes before stage time, so we basically held our usual weeknight practice in front of a few barflies and disinterested undergrads.

There is no video or audio of this show.  I hated to leave a show undocumented, but we had no idea what we were walking into, and I was reluctant to have a $700 video camera exposed to damage or theft when I was busy performing.

Band: Sonogasm
Date: 2004-05-12
Venue: Big Fish Pub
Location: Tempe, AZ

Vocals, Bass: Mike Bahr
Guitars: Jeff Mink
Drums: Chuck Prime

Other act(s): Idiot Kin, Curbside Special

1. Threads
2. 21 Months
3. After You Fell Asleep
4. Schism (Tool)
5. Luna
6. The Truth Will Set Me Free
7. Blue Instant
8. Christian Woman (Type O Negative)

There wasn't much to say about this show.  A few spectators threw up the horns when we played our cover songs, but that was about as much attention as we rated.

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