Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Tourography: Sonogasm live at Priceless Inn 2004-04-14

The Priceless Inn, formerly Boston's of Tempe, was a cozy venue with wall-sized art, sofas, and a reasonably accommodating stage.  Unfortunately, since it was across the street from Hollywood Alley and thus across the border between Mesa and Tempe, the Inn routinely had lower patronage.  See, back before Smoke-Free Arizona in 2006-2007, Tempe had a smoking ban and Mesa did not.  Guess what metal-fan bar-hoppers tend to like to do?

It's completely coincidental, of course, but it seemed like every single Priceless Inn show featured a disaster of some kind for our performance.  For this show, it was the day before tax day, so attendance was very light. For my birthday show, my disastrous cover of "The Reason."  For our next show in May, Jeff broke two strings and I broke one, all during the set.  That's life in music, though.

[YouTube video clip to be added]

Band: Sonogasm
Date: 2004-04-14
Venue: Priceless Inn
Location: Tempe, AZ

Vocals, Bass: Mike Bahr
Guitars: Jeff Mink
Drums: Chuck Prime

Other act(s): Thousand-Yard Stare, the Todd Staples Project

1. 21 Months
2. After You Fell Asleep
3. Threads
4. Winter Moon
5. Luna
6. The Truth Will Set Me Free
7. Blue Instant
8. Schism (Tool)

We had to film this show from stage rear, since none of our family or girlfriends were on hand to run camera for us.  The sound oscillates from muddy to overwhelming.  An instructive show, but not one with any long-term nostalgia value.  If our debut from this show, After You Fell Asleep, had gained any traction, this performance might have been more notable.

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