Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Tourography: Sonogasm live at Hollywood Alley 2004-03-09

Hollywood Alley is a venue that somehow manages never to die.  Owner Ross Wincek is as adept a marketer as he is restauranteur, and he has made the Alley into something of a venue that is all things to all people... just not on any given night.  From well-attended foodie nights replete with Anthony Bourdain on the projector to good ol' metal on a Saturday eve, the Alley finds a new way to entertain whenever an existing trend dies off.

I had performed at the Alley in 1996 with Scoobacca and then served as soundman for a Misdemeanor show on the same stage in 1997, so I was plenty familiar with the accommodations.  Sonogasm ended up making several stops at the Alley during the band's active period, the first a mere month after our opening show at the Vine.

[YouTube video clip to be added]

Band: Sonogasm
Date: 2004-03-09
Venue: Hollywood Alley
Location: Mesa, AZ

Vocals, Bass: Mike Bahr
Guitars: Jeff Mink
Drums: Chuck Prime

Other act(s): Vern's Revenge, the Apartment Bound Hounds

1. Threads
2. 21 Months
3. Unbinding
4. Winter Moon
5. The Truth Will Set Me Free
6. Luna
7. Blue Instant
8. Schism (Tool)

This was a wildly inconsistent performance, ranging from downright respectable to cover-your-eyes.  Props to our buddy Justin for doing a good job videotaping the show -- the drummer angles are particularly nice.

Our third show was also the third in a streak of our first six shows in which we debuted at least one new song.  After that streak ended, there were only a couple of new songs added to the setlist for the entire remainder of the time the band was active.  The principle at work here is that a band must spend sufficient time in the woodshed to produce a broad slate of material -- otherwise, the band runs out of novelty.

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