Sunday, February 8, 2004

Tourography: Sonogasm live at the Vine Tavern 2004-02-08

[All the Tourography posts from before 2005 were written in late 2010 and early 2011 based on notes and recordings from those performances.  Tourography posts after 2005 were written contemporaneously.]

I co-founded the alt-metal group Sonogasm (there's a name that hasn't aged well) in 2003, and by early 2004, we were finally performing live.  I had played in cover bands years earlier, of course, so I had stage experience, but my musicianship was still quite raw.  Jeff Mink played guitars and this was his first live performance in front of anyone ever.  Chuck Prime was, like me, a veteran of the music dive club scene, except that he had seen reasonable local success in the late 1980s in originals groups.

[YouTube video clip to be added]

Band: Sonogasm
Date: 2004-02-08
Venue: The Vine Tavern
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Vocals, Bass: Mike Bahr
Guitars: Jeff Mink
Drums: Chuck Prime

Other act(s): Various

1. The Truth Will Set Me Free
2. Blue Instant
3. Luna
(set cut off after three songs)

This was an open-mic night show, and we learned only mid-show that there was a 15-minute time limit.  To put it charitably, we were not ready for prime time at this point.

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